The X and Y of Buy

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Pace, Elizabeth
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Thomas Nelson
The X and Y of Buy - ISBN: 9781595551054

Shopping for a man’s suit?  Walk into a department store, and they’re right by the door?men’s suits in every color and size.  A guy gets in and out in plenty of time for kick-off.  Need a woman’s suit?  Block out the afternoon?her clothing is strategically placed in the farthest corner of the store, past the handbags (on sale!), behind the lingerie, and through the jewelry section.  Men and women are wired to shop and buy differently, and smart business people not only know it, they know just how to put it to use every day.

In The X and Y of Buy, veteran branding, marketing, and salesperson Elizabeth Pace breaks the gender code for you to be successful, generate revenue, and market and sell more effectively.

“Wow, what an awesome book!  I wish it had been written earlier in my career because I definitely would have made more sales.  This book is a must read for sales people in all levels of business.  I’ve always said you must be a chameleon to be a successful seller when working with various types of people.  The X and Y of Buy takes this a step further, revealing fascinating, successful strategies in working with men and women.”

Michael Oppenheimer, Market Manager, Clear Channel Radio-Memphis


“Reading Elizabeth Pace’s The X and Y of Buy is like having the “answers to the test”…knowing the key in communicating to women vs. men makes it simple to be successful!  This is a great tool, with great insight, and it is hilarious!   I love to laugh and learn, and with this book you do both.  It is definitely a “must read” for my Leadership Team!” 

Cordia Harrington, CEO & the “Bun Lady,” Tennessee Bun Company