America Say Jesus

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Allbritton, David
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Allbritton, David
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Thomas Nelson
America Say Jesus - ISBN: 9781599510231
The time has come for America to acknowledge the name that is above every name! Jesus Christ is the only name given among men, whereby we must be saved. Jesus Christ was the only God of our Founding Fathers. Our nation must return to Christ and once again honor the name of Jesus. Today it is politically incorrect to pray in the name of Jesus. Others gods are given respect, but the name of Jesus is shunned and even ridiculed. Unless our nation once again publicly confesses Christ, God the Father will lift the hedge of protection over this country. America must say "Jesus!" This book tells the story of the strong Christian foundation that America was built on, and how that foundation has been attacked and weakened over the last fifty years. It also shows readers: Ways that Americans can help call our nation back to its founding principles Why declaring the name of Jesus is so important, not just for our country, but for our families and ourselves A collection of quotes and declarations supporting our Christian heritage by well-known Americans from Benjamin Franklin to George W. Bush A verse-by-verse assessment of the Jesus' name in the Bible